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World-Class Neurosurgical Technology

We are asking you to help us purchase world-class new neurosurgical technology, which will help us continue to provide the very best treatments and care for patients with brain cancer.

Called the “BodyTom Portable Intraoperative CT,” this exciting technology enables surgeons to access highly-accurate, three-dimensional, real-time images, without needing to move patients from the operating theatre or ICU.


With the BodyTom scanner, surgeons have access to images of the brain during the surgery, providing the most accurate, real-time brain-imaging available to our surgeons.

Already, Epworth HealthCare is an outstanding centre for neurosurgery and neurology. We are the biggest not-for-profit hospital in Australia to provide tertiary-level care to neurosurgical patients, treating more than 3600 patients a year, with an international reputation for providing the highest levels of care.

Being portable, it ensures surgeons have access to images during the surgery, helping to achieve the best outcomes in theatre. And for our most vulnerable patients in ICU, this technology can be used to provide specialists with vital information about their patients’ brains, without needing to move them.

“The BodyTom is one of the latest in modern neurosurgical advances,” says Epworth neurosurgeon Mr Patrick Chan. “It will improve the accuracy, efficacy and safety of neurosurgery, allowing for real-time information to be given to the surgeon during complex brain and spine surgery.”

Having the best equipment available is critical to achieving the best outcomes for patients, and the BodyTom takes surgical imaging technology to the next level.

The cost of purchasing a BodyTom Portable Intraoperative Scanner for Epworth is $1.2 million, and I ask that you donate generously today to help bring this to our operating theatres as soon as possible.

Bringing this equipment to Epworth will enable us to continue to remain at the cutting edge of this important medicine, and provide our patients with the best and most innovative care available.

“In my view as a neurosurgeon, the introduction of an intraoperative CT scanner at Epworth shows our ability to embrace new modalities in neuroscience,” says Mr Chan. “The end result will be an even higher level of neurosurgical care, and the assurance that progress in outstanding neurosurgical care at Epworth will continue into the future.”

Epworth specialists treat the spectrum of neurological disorders, including primary and metastatic tumours of the brain, spine and nerves as well as cerebral aneurysms, strokes, meningitis and many other conditions, and there is the potential for the BodyTom to help each of them

Our neurosurgeons and neurologists are at the forefront of global understanding and advanced clinical practice in the treatment of brain and spinal disorders, and undertake many novel techniques to ensure their patients receive the best possible care.

This includes:
• The use of deep brain stimulation to successfully moderate the tremors in Parkinson’s Disease
• A new procedure known as coiling, to block the blood-flow into an aneurysm (a weakened area in the wall of an artery)
• Taking the lead in the healthcare industry to develop a detailed spine audit system (monitoring activity and complications for patients with spinal disorders), complementing existing audit systems, which focus on care across the neuroscience population

Further, the Neurosciences Clinical Institute at Epworth focuses on neurology, neurosurgery and neurosurgical and spinal surgeries, and aims to teach and develop advanced techniques in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurological and spinal diseases.

According to Mr Chan, Epworth’s world-class expertise, advanced facilities, and groundbreaking research programs, make us ideally positioned to make the best use of new technology like the BodyTom, to benefit as many patients as possible.

“New advances are constantly being made in the treatment of brain and spinal conditions,” he says. “As the largest not-for-profit private hospital that provides tertiary level care to neurosurgical patients, Epworth Hospital is best suited to have the intraoperative CT scanner, to continue to provide the high standard of excellence in neurosurgical patient care.”

For more information, please feel free to contact Kathleen Lambrick at Epworth Medical Foundation on 03 9426 8170.