Naming opportunities

Epworth Medical Foundation is now offering prestigious naming rights to state-of-the-art wings, wards, operating theatres, rehabilitation and treatment facilities and private patient rooms in the new Epworth Richmond hospital.

The redevelopment of Epworth Richmond is a truly historic event, creating a hospital campus that will set the benchmark for medical care in the 21st century.

If you are interested in discussing naming rights to any Epworth facilities, please feel free to call our Fundraising Manager Kathryn Johnston directly on 03 9426 6359 or email.

Name a room for $10,000

Epworth Medical Foundation is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to name one of 112 private rooms in the new wing of the world-class Epworth Richmond campus.

For a gift of AUD$10,000, donors can name a room in the wing, which will be inscribed on a plaque at the room. The inscription may be used to recognise a single person, a couple, a family, a company, or in memory of a loved one.

In addition, any private individuals who name a room will automatically become members of The Epworth Society.

More information:

  • If you are interested in the Name-a-Room project or in naming rights to any other facilities, please contact Fundraising Manager Kathryn Johnston on phone: 03 9426 6359 or email.