Epworth HealthCare

Epworth Foundation, that operates hospitals as Epworth HealthCare, under The Epworth Foundation Act 1980 (Vic), is the sole member of Epworth Medical Foundation Limited.

Each year across eight hospitals, Epworth:

  • admits 133,000 patients
  • treats 12,000 cancer patients in its day oncology facilities
  • cares for more than 156,000 rehabilitation outpatients
  • undertakes more than 85,000 surgical operations
  • welcomes close to 3000 new little Victorians into the world
  • treats more than 26,000 emergency cases

Patients at Epworth come from Melbourne and across Victoria, travelling from regions as diverse as Barwon, Central Highlands, Gippsland, Goulburn and Loddon, among others, as well as a significant portion from interstate Australia.

Innovation and leadership

Epworth is committed to providing its patients with the best possible care and outcomes, and consistently invests and innovates to ensure it remains at the cutting-edge of medical practice.

Epworth’s innovation:

  • the first hospital in Australia to introduce robotic assisted surgery
  • the first private hospital in Australia with an Intensive Care facility
  • the first private hospital in Victoria to perform open heart surgery
  • the first hospital in Victoria to introduce scalp-cooling for chemotherapy patients

Research and education

Epworth HealthCare believes research and teaching are integral to achieving excellence in patient care. Researchers at the Epworth Research Institute are working on more than 200 projects in critical areas of health such as cancer, cardiac services, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, gynaecology and obstetrics.

In addition, Epworth is committed to educating the next generation of medical professionals, and helps train more than 2,000 students at any one time.