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Letter from Scott Bulger: We did it!


We did it!

I am so genuinely excited to be able to let you know that through your support we not only ordered the BodyTom Portable Intraoperative CT Scanner but we have also had it delivered, installed and it is already making a difference for Epworth patients.

Our neurosurgeons are using the BodyTom Scanner today!!

And our patients now have access to the highest possible level of neurosurgical care because of your generosity.

The BodyTom Scanner was installed on Saturday 15th July and in the first month it has already been used for over 20 patients.

This means our patients have had access to the latest portable technology during their surgery.

The only way we could purchase this equipment was to fundraise 100% of its costs and I am so thankful for your support in making this happen.

“Through your donation I now have access to real-time information about my patients during their surgery. This is so vital to me as a neurosurgeon as my patients rely on me to provide the best care possible.” Mr Patrick Chan, Epworth Neurosurgeon

From my initial discussions with our neurosurgeons a little over a year ago it was very easy to see the benefits this type of technology would make for our patients.

“Thank you. It is because of you that we can provide a new level of patient care. The difference the BodyTom Scanner makes is extraordinary and I am so grateful for your support.”  Nicole Waldron Executive Director Epworth Richmond.

Our team are so grateful for your support and the difference that the BodyTom CT Scanner is making that I would like to invite you to come and see firsthand how your donation is changing lives.

On behalf of the entire Epworth clinical team thank you again for being a part of this incredible achievement.  We truly couldn’t have done it without you.

My sincerest thanks

Scott Bulger, Executive Director

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