Patient services

Epworth maintains several donor-funded programs that help patients who are struggling financially to travel to their appointments, recover from traumatic medical events, and cope with the emotional side of serious illnesses like cancer.

Case study: Accommodation Support Grants

The Accommodation Support Grants scheme is completely funded by donations.

It helps cancer-patients and their families cover accommodation and other costs not covered by private healthcare, while staying in Melbourne for treatment at Epworth. The difference these grants make to families fighting cancer is incredibly positive.

Grants are given to patients living in regional areas who are unable to fully meet the cost of accommodation in Melbourne to undertake cancer treatment.

Without the Accommodation Support Grants scheme, these patients would not be able to access their radiation oncology treatment at Epworth.

A treatment course of radiation therapy can last from one week up to nine weeks, depending on the patient’s diagnosis and treatment intent. For patients in rural and regional areas, the cost of travelling to and staying in Melbourne for this treatment can pose a significant financial challenge.

These grants help them access their treatment immediately, rather than requiring them to wait to receive their treatments in regional hospitals or clinics.

A rigorous approval process ensures that only patients who are in financial need may receive an Accommodation Support Grant.