Donations help support practical research that gives Epworth patients access to cutting-edge, global discoveries in medical treatments, preventions and cures.

Case study: new therapy for metastatic tumours

Donors have made possible, the launch of an innovative and practical research project at the state-of-the-art Epworth Radiation Oncology facility, that is giving new hope to men with prostate cancer, even men in whom the cancer has metastatised.

“We are exploring the benefits of an advanced delivery platform called ‘stereotactic’ radiosurgery or radiotherapy on patients with advanced prostate cancer,” says one of the study’s leaders, Epworth Radiation Oncology Director, Dr Pat Bowden.

The goal of this research is to deliver stereotactic treatments to eligible patients with prostate cancer, in the hope of determining two things:

  1. How long can traditional treatments like hormone therapy and chemotherapy be delayed or even avoided, in order to minimise side-effects?
  2. Is there a group of men with metastatic prostate cancer who could actually be cured with the aggressive use of stereotatic treatments?