The impact you have

The BodyTom Portable Intraoperative CT Scanner has arrived – all thanks to you!

“I am so genuinely excited to be able to let you know that through your support we not only ordered the BodyTom Portable Intraoperative CT Scanner but we have also had it delivered, installed and it is already making a difference for Epworth patients.

Our neurosurgeons are using it today!!”

– Scott Bulger, Executive Director

The BodyTom Scanner was installed on Saturday 15th July and in the first month it has already been used for over 20 patients.

Our patients now have access to the highest possible level of neurosurgical care because of your generosity.

2015/6 – Our most outstanding year yet!

Philanthropy has always been central to Epworth’s goal of providing our patients with the best possible care.

For example, donations fund more than half of all new equipment purchases in our hospitals, and more than 80% of all research.

Donations also make possible world-class new facilities, significant capital growth, and compassionate support programs to help patients and their families cope emotionally and financially with a difficult diagnosis and treatments.


Scholarships are made possible through the generosity of donors and sponsors to the Epworth Medical Foundation.


Donations are used to purchase world-class, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our patients receive the best in medical and technological advances to aid their recovery.

Patient services

Epworth maintains several donor-funded programs that help patients who are struggling financially to travel to their appointments, recover from traumatic medical events, and cope with the emotional side of serious illnesses like cancer.

Buildings and facilities

It is essential for our patients’ wellbeing that our hospital facilities continue to represent best practice in both comfort and care. Donations enable us to invest in the latest technologies, world-class operating facilities, and the most nurturing environments for patients and their families to rest and recover.


Donations help support practical research that gives Epworth patients access to cutting-edge, global discoveries in medical treatments, preventions and cures.

Education and training

Epworth is committed to educating the next generation of medical professionals, and helps train more than 1,200 students at any one time. Donations helped to fund the world-class new Simulation and Education Centre facilities; as well as a suite of prestigious endowed scholarships plus other training opportunities for staff.