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Help us provide personalised therapies for people with pancreatic cancer

Epworth is committed to investing significant resources into researching and providing state-of-the-art immunotherapy and precision therapy to our cancer patients.

Central to much of this work is the recognition of ‘circulating tumour DNA’ or ‘ctDNA’ as a key marker for cancer and cancer recurrence.  ctDNA is DNA from a patient’s cancerous cells that has ‘leaked’ into the blood stream.   Our oncologists are working with extraordinary scientists to develop dedicated ctDNA tests for a range of cancers including colon, lymphoma and endometrium cancers.

Dedicated ctDNA tests is a game changer and will help doctors to detect residual cancer at the microscopic level that cannot be detected on routine imaging.

Our research team has received ethics approval for a new study called DYNAMIC, which aims to develop a ctDNA test for pancreatic cancer.  We will work with leading scientists to undertake this project.  Why are we doing it?  In 2018, Epworth treated 334 patients with Pancreatic Cancer – we are well place to identify potential predictive and prognostic biomarkers for treatment with the ultimate goal of facilitating personalised therapies for each individual patient.

However, we need to raise $180,000 to make this research project available to our patients.

Please donate today.

For more information, please feel free to contact Kathleen Lambrick at Epworth Medical Foundation on 03 9426 8170.