Making an endowed gift is a powerful way to care for Epworth patients, in perpetuity. It is also a meaningful and lasting way to have your name – or that of someone you love – honoured forever.

Epworth Medical Foundation is proud to offer a number of opportunities, starting at AUD$100,000 (paid over one to five years), to create endowed staff scholarships, endowed equipment or endowed research funds, in the medical area of most interest to you. These endowments are then given a name of your choosing.

If you are interested in making a named endowment to Epworth, please do not hesitate to contact Scott Bulger at Epworth Medical Foundation on 03 9426 6133 or email.

Endowed scholarships

Endowed staff scholarships at Epworth are used to further the recipients’ education, specialist experience and exposure to cutting-edge new practices, to ensure that patients continue to benefit from world-class care.

Epworth operates the largest and most diverse education scholarship program for its staff of any hospital in Australia.

For example, past staff scholarships have been used to:

  • Research and develop new cancer support services
  • Develop better nursing care and engagement systems
  • Assist in the design and planning of the Emergency Department
  • Review blood-management protocols

Endowed equipment

Endowing an equipment fund helps ensure that our patients will always have access to the best possible equipment when they are treated at Epworth.

Having the best equipment is critical to providing the best medical treatment.

Endowed funds can be established to benefit hospitals across Epworth or a specific treatment area in any of our hospitals.

Endowed research funds

Endowed research funds are often used to provide ‘seed funds’ for new initiatives that could change the way certain diseases are treated in the future. They may also be used to equip researchers with state-of-the-art new equipment or facilities.

Endowed research funds provide annual income, in perpetuity, to support research projects and clinical trials into medical areas of vital importance to the community.

More information:

  • Annie Chester | Phone: 03 9426 6169 | Email