Wish list

Can you help? Epworth Medical Foundation is raising funds right now to purchase the following items for our patients.

Simply call the Epworth Medical Foundation on 03 9426 8170 or contact us if you’d like to fund a specific item on this list.

criticare machineCriticare Machine

Cost: $4,230 per item | Number needed: 10

The criticare machine is a sophisticated monitor, used by nurses to perform a comprehensive set of patient observations. The machines monitor patients’ vital signs, particularly during those vulnerable and often critical hours following surgery, ensuring that each patient is in the safest possible environment.

Difficult Intubation trolleyDifficult Intubation Trolleys

Cost: $15,000 per item | Number needed: 4

When patients are critically injured or under anaesthetic, they need help simply to breathe. Ordinarily, this help is given via ‘tracheal intubation.’ However, about 15 percent of all patients in Australia are considered ‘difficult to intubate,’ and this situation can quickly become life-threatening. Difficult Airway Trolleys enable staff to quickly, efficiently and systematically respond to difficult intubation, with a four-staged response depending on the patient’s needs.

Broselow trolleyBroselow Trolleys

Cost: $5,000 per item | Number needed: 2

As Epworth HealthCare accepts increasing numbers of paediatric patients, it is critical that our doctors remain fully equipped to cater for their special needs. Broselow Trolleys are made up of colour-coded drawers based on the Broselow Paediatric Emergency Tape, which enables medical staff to measure the child’s height to weight, and ascertain important information such as the correct medical doses and equipment sizes to use. The colour-coded drawers ensure these measurements are made in the fastest possible time, aiding emergency responses.

nurse using blanket warmerBlanket Warmers

Cost: $3,200 per item | Number needed: 4

Blanket warmers are used on the Oncology Ward to store heat-packs, warm towels and warm blankets. When patients are experiencing pain, placing heat-packs on the area can often bring relief beyond medication. Heat packs are also used to help with clinical tasks, for example, warming the arm to increase the opportunity of locating a difficult-to-find vein.

scalp cooling capScalp Cooling Machine

Cost: $34,000 per item | Number needed: 1

Scalp cooling machines help breast-cancer patients retain their hair while undergoing chemotherapy. They make use of a refrigerated cooling system to pump a liquid coolant through a light silicone cap worn by the patient, which extracts heat from the scalp for the entire time the drugs are circulating in the blood.

Paeditatric diversionary kitPaediatric Diversionary Kits

Cost: $15 per item | Number needed: 250

Paediatric Diversionary Kits are creative and educational activity sets specifically designed for children to help entertain and distract them whist they are hospitalised for long periods of time. Diversion therapy is said to hasten the recovery of our paediatric patients and make their stay in hospital a more pleasant one.

staff scholarshipsStaff Scholarship

Cost: $4,000 per item | Number needed: 10

Epworth operates one of the biggest and most diverse hospital scholarship programs in Australia. Scholarships are used to further the education of our medical and support staff, providing them with specialist experience and exposure to cutting-edge new practices, to ensure that our patients continue to benefit from world-class care. For example, past scholarships have been used by the recipients to research and develop new cancer support services; develop better nursing care and engagement systems; assist in the design and planning of the Emergency Department; and review blood-management protocols.

Melbourne cityAccommodation Grant

Cost: $1,200 per item | Number needed: 25

Distance can prove a significant barrier to cancer-patients from outside Melbourne receiving their treatments at Epworth. The cost of travelling to Melbourne and paying for accommodation in Melbourne for the duration of their treatment, on top of what is often extended time off work, can put this care out of their reach. The donor-funded Accommodation Support Scheme at Epworth provides grants to country patients who are experiencing financial difficulties, to ensure they can access their cancer treatments at Epworth in a timely fashion.

name a private room at EpworthName a Private Room

Cost: $10,000 per item | Number needed: 112

Epworth Medical Foundation is pleased to provide a unique opportunity to name one of 112 private rooms in the new wing of the world-class Epworth Richmond campus. For a gift of $10,000, you can name a room in the wing, which will be inscribed on a plaque at the room. The inscription may be used to recognise a single person, a couple, a family, a company, or in memory of a loved one.

Philips MX400Philips MX450 patient monitor

Cost: $10,857 per item | Number needed: 20

Epworth Richmond plans to wall-mount an MX450 patient monitor at every patient bedside within the Cardiac Services Unit. Access to this state-of-the-art bedside monitoring will ensure nursing staff can quickly assess patients’ vital signs without needing to go looking for available patient monitors. This improved efficiency ensures that patients would not need to wait to be assessed, and improves patient safety through constant bedside monitoring. The MX450 monitors are able to wirelessly communicate with the existing central monitor.

Roylan hot and cold testRoylan Hot and Cold Discrimination test

Cost: $621 per item | Number needed: 2

The Hot and Cold Discrimination Test is used for patients who report or demonstrate signs of altered sensation following surgery, or after suffering a major neurological event such as a stroke. It allows therapists to access their patients’ temperature discrimination ability via a simple, accurate and quantifiable method. The test contains two probes each for hot and cold temperatures, and a thermometer to determine water temperature. The thermometers in each probe indicate the exact temperature of the water for accurate assessment and reporting.

Box and Block testBox and Block Test

Cost: $462.10 per item | Number needed: 1

The Box and Block Test measures unilateral gross manual dexterity. It is a quick and simple test that can be used on a wide range of patients, including those who have experienced neurological events such as strokes. In addition to assisting in the clinical environment, this test will also be used as an outcome measure for upcoming research at Epworth Rehabilitation Camberwell.

adaptive cutleryAdaptive Cutlery

Cost: $780 per set | Number needed: 2

The ‘adaptive cutlery’ set is a range (24 pieces) of different shaped and sized cutlery, often with specialised handles, that enables people with reduced upper-limb movement to feed themselves. The set will enable therapists to assess several suitable options to find the best solution for a patient before the patient purchases their own cutlery to use at home.

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